Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Richard Simmons enters my Happiness Project

Sleep has evaded me again, for the 4th or 5th night in a row. I genuinely tried, going to bed at 9.30 but I didn't get to sleep until around 2.30 all the same. So suffice to say, I didn't wake up in the happiest of moods - more like the 'I've been hit by a Mack truck' kind of mood.

My beloved boy made me a coffee, and served it with a big hug - which instantly improved my mood. I went out to feed the animals, and of course the sun and chickens gave me some more energy. When I'm very, very tired my fibromyalgia plays havoc with my body. I'm in intense pain from the moment I get out of bed, if I'm lucky, the pain gradually dissipates throughout the day. Some days, exercise helps, some days it hurts. It's cold and windy here today, and despite the sun peeking out, it's not really a go for a run kind of day. So in the spirit of fun, Miss J and I decided to do a Richard Simmons DVD.

Let me tell you something about Richard Simmons, he is a kind and loving human being, that radiates love, positivity and fun from his pores. You can't watch him talk, or dance, or do a class, or tell a story, without smiling. You can't do one of his DVD's and take yourself seriously. You just can't. I think the reason I think he's wonderful, is because he's a former fatty, who worked it out. He is determined to help as many people regain their health as he can, using fun and laughter to do so. You barely feel like you're working out, it's more like you're at a crazy disco theme party!

Miss J and I had a ball, dancing and giggling, working up just a little sweat. Right up to the point she pulled a hustle muscle..... so we stopped. Probably no more than 10 minutes into the DVD. I ran her a bath, she relaxed, and I decided we might have a lazy day watching some movies. With no judgement from myself for not completing the entire workout - because it did what I needed it to do. It gave me an energy boost and made me feel happy.

I'm in the mindset that if I don't feel happy, I can only 'fake it till I make it' for so long. It's ok when I'm really, really, really tired to not feel bubbly and energetic. It's probably quite normal to feel a bit down and tired after not sleeping in days - so why pretend to be bursting with joy. Instead of being hard on myself for 'being lazy' and not doing jobs off the ever expanding chore list, I spent a few moments thinking about how I was spending time with my kids, listening to my body, and I was relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous Mr. Redford. I am determined to be kind to myself this year, and that means not reprimanding myself for deviating from the plan or schedule.

I hope everyone is happy today, and if you're not - I hope you're being kind to yourself.

big love

M x


  1. Love Richard Simmons, I followed him for years when I was younger. Yes, you can't help but be enthused.


    1. He's lovely! I think he'd be fun to have at a party!