Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!!! #happinessproject

The fireworks in Lakes last night were lovely. I took the kids to the 9.30 show, and we were home in bed by 10.15! I couldn't sleep, so I got up at Midnight and watched the Paynesville fireworks from my lounge room. A very quiet way to see in the New Year, but I did so knowing I had a big day today.

The cleaning and organising are going well - we're tackling small sections of the house. I have a cupboard, filled with jars and bottles. I have 2 fowlers preserving kits and about 60 jars, old wine bottles that I use for my home-made laundry liquid old gherkin jars and old passata bottles. They were in no order, and were strewn around the house in boxes, as well as in the hallway cupboard.

With the use of a $15 metal shelf from Bunnings and 8 $4 archive boxes from the Office supplies, they're all in order. They're all in the one place. That makes me very happy. It's a wonderful feeling to have something organised that has been annoying or upsetting you for a long time. We now have room in the coat cupboard for all the egg cartons that were being stored in the hallway, along with bulk toilet paper stores and there's spare room for more bulk foods. 

So I genuinely do feel a sense of relief at sorting, organising and decluttering these things. I'm looking forward to a January of overhauling the house. Purging the crap from my home, to make way for good things to come in. The before and after pics aren't great, so I keep opening the door when I pass by to get that little rush of 'oh it's so organised'.

I took the kids to see a movie to celebrate. I am a major dinosaur nerd - I've always loved them. We went to see Walking with Dinosaurs at Lakes Entrance. I laughed and cried my way through the whole movie while one of the 2 other mums used her phone the whole way through the movie, and another slept while her kids climbed the walls and made a racket. She then woke up and make the kids leave half way through the movie.

I felt so bad for the other two Mums who were there, they really missed a great movie. They also missed the opportunity to see how their kids enjoyed the movie. It made me truly happy to see my kids giggle and laugh watching the movie. It was wonderful. My kids drive me completely insane sometimes, but I also love them more than anything. They are a huge source of happiness to me.

So I plan to start my sleep plan tonight. I'm going to bed early, no TV no computer - shouldn't be hard to get some sleep after 3 nights of no sleep. My to do list is getting massive - I'll need the rest.

I hope everyone else had a happy day and that my friends all find what brings them their happiness.

M x

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