Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beach Fun and happy snaps

So today my son walks into my room with his shirt off, and immediately I see his hard work. On a normal weight loss regime when you lose fluid, fat and muscle you can't see 2 kg, but on the protocol, because all you lose is abnormal fat 2.2kg is a lot of fat - it's 5 pounds.  He has lost it from his chest and his stomach and after a week on the protocol, he looks really great.

I'm so proud of him for sticking so well to the protocol, without excuses or complaint.  He even bought lollies from the school canteen on Friday for his sick sister, bartered for different lollies at the bus interchange and didn't eat a single one. He is starting to expend more energy as well, wanting to do more.

This morning we decided to go for a walk before it got too hot, so we headed to Lakes Entrance. As soon as we get there, we totally ditch the idea of a walk and head directly to the beach. The kids play in the water, while I try to capture some photos.

My bestie is embarking on her own happiness project this year, and last month one of her challenges was to post at least 10 selfies on social media - 2 without a filter. She's challenged me to do the same. It's not an easy thing to do, particularly if you're not the happiest with how you look - but I agreed. Since this year is about pushing myself, I even decided to do a selfie a day as part of the challenge (which Renee has no idea about yet - surprise) so apoligies to those who follow me on social media for all the selfies - especially since I'm also doing FMS photoaday for February.

After all the photos, I stood in the water, watching my children play talking with my ex. I had an overwhelming desire to go swimming an was lamenting my clothing choice - as I had no bathers. I stood and chatted to him for a few minutes, enjoying watching the children play and the wonderful feeling of sand beneath my feet and waves lapping at my ankles. Just thinking. Thinking about how lucky I am.

I took my hat and sunnies off handed them to Craig and ran into the ocean. For the first time in a long time. Fully clothed. It. Was. Awesome.  The kids stood behind in the whitewash cheering me on and as a wave approached, I dived in - no fear. I'd forgotten the pure joy I feel when swimming in the ocean. I then proceeded to ride a wave to the kids feet...... I haven't bodysurfed since I was 15 years old - but today I felt the same joy as I used to feel as a teenage beach babe.

I might have 20 years on the teenager who practically lived on the beach, but she's still in there. Today I remembered that - and it made me happier than I've been in a long time. When I got out of the water and was sitting on one of the kids towels, my boy comes to me and says - I'm so glad we're sticking to this protocol Mum, even though it's hard I'm seeing the reward, you have more energy to do cool stuff with us.  My heart melted.

I was playing with my daughter who can't go in the water because of an ear infection, and I pulled a calf muscle.... I can barely walk, and am currently sittin on the couch icing my injury. Gotta say, funnest injury ever - and it can't ruin my happy mood.

Today is a truly happy day, hope you are happy too.

M x

Taking responsibility

So I came to a realisation tonight. Most people don't own their weight gain and health issues. They make excuses. It's hereditary. I have a slow metabolism. I have a thyroid issue (this was my fave as I do have a thyroid issue). I just can't lose weight so I've stopped trying. All excuses.

I think the little excuses we make every day are the ones that keep us big. For example, at the moment, I'm on a total elimination diet. Essentially all I'm eating is meat and green veggies. No dairy, no grains no nuts, legumes or seeds and no sugar. My son is on the same protocol as me, and I've gotta say, we're kicking goals - I'm at 4.5kg and he's at 2.2kg lost this week, and we both feel fabulous - I mean hard core awesome. Bursting with energy.

I know wheat is no good for me, but last night after a week of virtuous eating, I decide I want home-made dim-sims from the local take away. I know what's in them, and they're not bad for me, right. I mean all they are is pork, onions and soy in dim sim wrappers......   so I talk myself into it, despite the nagging voice in the back of my head screaming STOP THERE IS WHEAT IN THAT. I don't listen. I inhale three of those bad boys.

This morning I weighed in (I'm doing it daily on the protocol checking for signs of daily inflammation) and I weigh 900g more than yesterday. I didn't put on a kilo of fat overnight, so I know it's inflammation - why? Because despite knowing I can't eat wheat, I did. My excuse was that it was homemade and I knew the ingredients, so it was ok. It was not ok.

So excuses are bad, letting ourselves eat things we know are bad for our bodies is bad. Eating our way to bad health - is not cool!

So once and for all, I'm throwing away my excuses.

I am fat because of years of abuse to my body.
I am fat because of hundreds of thousands of sugary calories.
I am fat because I obsessed about my weight - and NEVER considered my health.
I am fat because I drank far more alcohol than I should have. 

I am fat because I told myself 'just one won't hurt'.
I am fat because every time I put junk in my mouth I said 'everything in moderation'.
I am fat because I ate from boxes, fast food chains and didn't know better.
I am fat because I didn't love myself.
I am fat because I didn't want to educate myself.
I am fat because I had no self control.
I am fat because I took the easy way out - the convenient way out
I am fat because I blamed others for my weight, saying it was hereditary
I am fat because I believed all my excuses

I don't believe them anymore.

M x